What is Social Media

What Is Social Media – How To Dictate Your Income Through Social Media
The question of what is social media can cover everything from communication between friends and loved ones to one of the strongest business platforms on our planet.

For the purpose of this article we are going to break down exactly how to use social media as a business platform and more importantly how to succeed.

Social media has exploded over the past 5 years with Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious and thousands of other websites. These websites are geared toward allowing people from all over the world to communicate within a moments notice.

As social media exploded, websites like Facebook and so many others realized that millions of people were using their platform for business and adapted for those businesses.

Let’s take a few minutes to explain how you can use these platforms with the many social media solutions that will generate income and more importantly secure your financial future.


You are able to set up an account with Facebook and find groups that are within your niche. Simply go to the Facebook search bar and type your niche in. So if you are into home based businesses simply type that into their search bar.

Now join a minimum of 25-50 groups within your niche. You are now able to take a link from your blog or an article and simply place that link within a Facebook group. My team has followed this strategy daily and it generates hundreds of leads to your blog or article.


Twitter is amazing and offers an endless flow of leads to your business. Once you have a blog post or article, you again can simply enter the URL into twitter with a short description and watch the leads come in. There are also various tools that can completely automate this process for you, many of which are free.


When we ask what is social media, blogging is the single most important part of any online business working within social media. Let me say this, I have various articles that show you how to set up a blog within 2 hours, it is not difficult at all.

A blog becomes your central hub for your business that prospects will visit often if set up correctly. If you implement the correct search engine optimization strategies from the start, your blog will generate leads for the rest of your life.

Social media is a tremendous platform to start a business. Like any business in this world you need a daily strategy that will help you to accomplish your goals. Please be careful, so many people want to sell you programs online that will not get the job done.

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