The Digital World

The digital world is staring us in the face from the near future. We already see countless instances of digital technology emerging more and more in our every day lives. It is the world full of ideas, opinions, learning and opportunities. Only because of the Internet has made it possible for all of us to connect whenever we consider it necessary. The digital world refers to present time, use of machines and computers to present information. The digital age had an overall impact on our societies and day to day activities. Digital world is changing the face of each and every activity we perform on daily basis. Digital world has given a new explanation to technology which is now used as a mode of expression, interactions, entertainments, learning etc. There are many methods in which we take the benefit of the digital world, people run worldwide online business, it has enhanced communication. Technology has also enhanced teaching and learning.



Digital age has impacted the social life of societies hugely. In the past, most of our social interactions were private and undocumented. Companies like Facebook and Twitter have huge databases full of all kinds of information about our social behaviours. Web communication facilities have worked wonders in speeding long-distance communication. Today we can reach and keep in touch with our family and friends with the help of social networks like BBM, Facebook, twitter, skype etc. On the other hand, they have deprived mankind of the warmth of personal contact. Emails replaced handwritten letters and communication lost its personal touch. With the means of communication so easily accessible, that magic in waiting to reach someone and the excitement that followed has vanished. Also, the internet has bred many unethical practises, like hacking, spamming etc. Internet crime is on the rise. The internet being an open platform lacks regulation. There is no regulation on the content displayed on websites. Internet gambling has become an addiction for so many, access to pornographic sights and inappropriate information is made accessible to children. Overexposure to the internet has taken its toll. Children are spending all their time playing online and less or almost no time on the ground. Youngsters are spending most of their time social networking, missing on the joys of real social life.


Economically, the digital world had made transactions easier. Industrial revolution is one of the impacts of digital world in the economic life of societies today because the use of new technologies and inventions of machines helps towards increasing production of goods and services and also delivering those goods to the appropriate place when needed. Small regional companies were suddenly given access to much larger markets. Concepts such as on-demand services, manufacturing and rapidly dropping technology costs, made possible innovations in all aspects of industry and everyday life. Also Due to technology their is rapid growth in cryptocurrency market.


Going deep into the impact of digital age on the political life of the society, another considerable impact to look on is during the election period. Today, you can now write an article, letter or even through computers that are all over which will enable you to go online, search for one of your leaders and have a mutual conversation with him/her about the political problems that rises all the time, the issue of corruption among the leaders, misuse of public funds etc and the best way to tackle all these problems. People could get things that were previously not available to common people, and the standard of living could go up.

Digital world has advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Digital world

Social Connectivity

Communication Speeds

Versatile Working

Learning Opportunities


GPS and Mapping

Banking and Finance


Disadvantages of digital world

Digital Media Manipulation


Crime and Terrorism


Social Alienation

Anonymity and Fake Personas

Overreliance on Gadgets

Data Security


The impact of technology on our society is deep. It is both positive and negative. Technology has largely influenced every aspect of living. It has made life easy, but so easy that it may lose its charm one day. One can cherish an accomplishment only if it comes after effort. But everything has become so easily available due to technology that it has lost its value. There is a certain kind of enjoyment in achieving things after striving for them. But with everything a few clicks away, there is no striving, there’s only striking. With the developments in technology, we may be able to enjoy all the pricey luxuries in life but at the cost of losing their priceless joys.

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